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**If you’re a Veteran, I highly recommend having Ed Rapisarda represent you**
I’m a Veteran and wanted to use my VA loan. I had talked with other realtors, recommend friends, who say they know the VA loan process but would steer me towards a conventional home loan. I then found Ed on an ad and found out they were a veteran owned company. What better people to handle my case than a fellow Marine Veteran? First thing they told me was that they didn’t want me to sign anything if I wasn’t happy with their services. Wow, that was the deal breaker, an agent that places my interest over $$$. We must have seen well over 30 houses but not once did I feel pressure from Ed into submitting a bid on any of them. I seriously thought they were thinking I was wasting their time. When we did find a house I was interested in, Ed took the time to educate me on what to look for, future problems and what was going to be “red flags” during the VA inspection. When I did find the house I liked, he asked me if I was sure I liked the house because ultimately I was going to live in it. No pressure whatsoever. In the end, Realty ONE Group Fox got me the house that I wanted. They also got me a more than a favorable contract, that even loan officers were impressed with. If you’re a Vet, you gotta trust one of your own.