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We just bought a home in Vacaville and had the good fortune of stumbling upon Realty ONE Group Fox to help us with that process. Theirs was the first ad that popped up in a Trulia search and they reached out to us to offer assistance. What was most remarkable about the process was that Realty ONE Group Fox genuinely made us feel like we were in charge of every step of the way even though they had much more knowledge of the ins and outs of buying a house than us. Knowing that we were utilizing every cent that we had to make this investment for our family, there were times when it would have been easy to stress out. This is when Realty ONE Group Fox would step in and let us vent out anxieties, let us know that we were very justified to carry those anxieties with us, but that they were going to make sure that they were a buffer to some of the unforeseen negotiations that were constantly going on behind the scenes. The reason that I would recommend Realty ONE Group Fox is that they maintain a sense of humanity during the homebuying process and they have a great network of professionals that they work within closing out the escrow process.